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Calum Best Heads Home To The States

Star checks out his old haunts

Pic: Calum Best Twitter @CalumBest

CALUM Best was living it up in California this week as he made a trip home to the States to see his mum Angie.

The 34-year-old son of footballing legend George Best, who grew up in America, charted his trip on social media saying on Instagram: “The joy I felt today, being back in Malibu so many years later.

“This drink here something that fuelled my childhood skateboarding around cross creek a rebellious little youth. Went to visit my old school and it’s been turned into a yoga joint ha ha.”

He also posted this photo of himself on Twitter at George’s old pub close to Manhattan Beach.

“Filmed today in my dad’s old bar ‘besties’ in Hermosa beach. Fond memories as he taught me how to play pool and darts” said Calum.

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