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Singer Katie Melua’s Love Of Gardening

Flower loving star’s a hydrangea fanatic

IF you’ve been wondering where the gorgeous singer Katie Melua has been hiding recently, then you probably could have found her in the garden.

The 30-year-old songwriter, who grew up in Belfast, has been touring Europe this summer but when she’s not performing she’s confessed to being a gardening lover.

Katie Melua GardeningSo much so that she’s even joined Horticultural Trades Association’s August plant promotion to raise awareness about the hydrangea plant.

She said: “The Hydrangea, even as a singular flower head, is majestic to me.

“The variety and richness of colours from white to the deepest purples are another glorious quality of this plant.

“I used a lot of hydrangeas at my September wedding and was able to keep and dry nearly all of them; they still fill the house with that richness and bring back the lovely memories of that day.”

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