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Comment: Should Mothers Be Forced To Worry About Being Modest Before Breastfeeding Their Baby?

Should we force women to "cover up" while feeding their children?

WHEN it comes to breastfeeding there are a wealth of opinions out there in terms of why we should do it.

But one subject less likely to be addressed is where to do it and how to do it.

I was invited onto the Stephen Nolan show on Radio Ulster to discuss exactly that. Whether or not women should be discreet about where they breastfeed and how.

As usual I expected the piece to be light-hearted and fun – which it was at times. However, what I didn’t expect were the archaic and oppressive opinions of English commentator Lynette Burrows.

I wasn’t aware of Lynette and therefore had no prior preconceived views about her opinions in areas such as these. But it was the Nolan show so I expected she would have different thoughts than I.

The segment was pretty much discussing whether women should “cover up” while breastfeeding in public and discussing recent statistics released regarding the issue.

My point was very simple.

A breastfeeding mother should not be forced by society to worry about making other adults uncomfortable just because her child is suckling at her breast.

But Lynette felt differently. After assuming I was not a mother and then assuming wrongly that I was a feminist she made it clear that “modesty” was the order of the day when it comes to breastfeeding.

Having had six children herself, apparently this made Lynette more experienced and therefore right.

While I took the item in the light hearted manner it was probably meant, I have to say what it did was uncover a more sinister element to this issue for me.

We campaign and fight endlessly to encourage young mothers to understand and acknowledge how vital breastfeeding – when possible – is.

However, in the same breath we have influential women like Lynette putting the added pressure on mothers to worry about where they breastfeed and how.

For me there is no over intellectualised academic argument for this. It is a basic human right for a baby to be fed when it is hungry and a basic human right, in my opinion, for a woman to be able to feed her child when that child is hungry without fear of judgement.

Instead Lynette compared breastfeeding to going to the toilet and said that both should be treated with the same level of modesty.

Sometimes in life, we have to accept, that there will always be people we cannot reason with nor understand.

Listen To The Debate On The Nolan Show Below

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE DEBATE: Any reason why a woman shouldn’t breastfeed in public?

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