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6 Delicious Recipes For Your New Super Dooper Blender

Getting the best out of your new toy!

OK, hands up…who got a Nutri Bullet or Nutri Ninja for Christmas?

And no doubt by now you’ve filled it full of everything you can find in the fridge and even bought a few extras.

But the question is, how long will you keep this up?  Will your Christmas fad fall out of favour when it’s back to the daily grind?

Here’s 6 delicious recipes to keep you motivated…

1. The Energy Boost Smoothie

This recipe is for giving you a quick energy boost using kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and banana.  Top tip from this video is to make a batch and freeze some of your recipes.

2. The Breakfast Smoothie

Don’t let the kale put you off this breakfast smoothie, it’s designed to set you up for the whole day.  The colour’s not that exciting but apparently it tastes yummy.

3. The Incredible Hulk Juice

This powerful smoothie packs a giant punch filled with banana, kale, coconut water, date, lemon, spinach & ice.

4. The Weight Loss Smoothie

Very sweet recipe that incorporates frozen fruit including bananas, grapes and cantaloupe along with beets and ginger.

5. Colourful Recipes For The Kids

Find some really interesting colours in these recipes to keep the kids interested.

6. Get Your Caffeine Hit

You’ll be nuts for this coffee laced smoothie complete with coconut milk, banana, coconut nectar, cashews, dates, cacao powder, coffee, vanilla essence & ice.

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