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Everything You NEED To Know About Sweeties…Yum Yum

'Now you can get typically chewy sweets like Refreshers, Fruit Salads and Wham Bars as softies'

CONFECTIONERY historian Tim Richardson has created a timeline to show how our love of sweets has developed over the centuries.

He said: “Throughout history, many sweets have maintained their allure and popularity because they have kept up with the latest taste trends while fitting in with changing lifestyles. The nostalgia value of sweets has always been there but it has soared in recent years, with new ‘old-fashioned’ sweet shops opening up on high streets and booming internet sales of childhood favourite.”

Sweets haven’t always been how we think of them today – sticks of rock used to be courting gifts with cheeky messages running through the middles, not souvenirs with names on them.

Now you can get typically chewy sweets like Refreshers, Fruit Salads and Wham Bars as ‘softies’.

softies-newsGillian Clarke, senior brand manager at Tangerine said: “Sweets are an occasional treat that have a compelling power of transporting us back in time.

“Lots of people already have a soft spot for Fruit Salads, Wham Bars and refreshers, so this Softie update makes perfect sense. The new look and texture give the retro sweets a modern day overhaul while still retaining the exciting flavours and delights that made them so popular originally.”

It’s been a huge transformation over thousands of years and now we can see how humans got from 8000BC, when cavemens were raiding bees nests for honey, to the 2015 desire for softies.

Check Out this timeline of sweets:


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