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New Parents Spend Less Time Together But Have More Sex

' provides a simple and easy to use resource through which parents can locate childcare options'

NEW parents have less quality time together, go on fewer date nights, say ‘I love you’ less often than before they had children and experience fewer romantic gestures.

A study commissioned by earlier this year looked at 2,000 people from around the UK in relationships, including 1,000 parents of children under seven.

In Northern Ireland couples consider loading washing to be a romantic gesture and the study found that quality time spent between partners drops from 14 hours a week to six after having children.

However, being intimate is one area new parents still make time for, with parents having sex as often as those without children – an average of twice a week. Plus, despite the effects it may have had on their relationship, 85% of parents generally feel more satisfied and happier since having children.

Liz Fraser, Modern Family Expert for, said: “Everyone knows having children is life-changing but regardless of the changes most parents would say having their children was the best moment of their lives, and that they couldn’t imagine living without them now they are here.

“Taking some time with your partner is important though, to ensure you keep the closeness of your relationship and retain that feel good factor that comes from being intimate.

“Resources such as are available to make date nights as easy as possible with access to qualified babysitters. Even small things like a meal out or an afternoon spent alone together really do help make a difference in the long run.”

Fewer date nights result from 91% of parents admitting they now consider quality time to be as a family rather than alone with their partner. Couples go from enjoying an average of two date nights a month before children to just one a month after starting a family.

Even worse, more than one in 10 parents admit it has been six months or more since they last went out with their partner while another one in 10 reckon it has been so long, they can’t remember their last date night.

In order to help keep the romance alive, provides a simple and easy to use resource through which parents can locate childcare options. From long term nannies through to occasional babysitters, the website can help ensure that date nights are put back in the calendar.

New Parents Vs Non-Parents:


Parents – Once a month

Non-parents – Twice a month


Parents – Six hours a week

Non-parents – 13 hours and 38 minutes


Parents – 39 times a month

Non-parents – 43 times a month


Parents – 10 a week

Non-parents – 13 a week


Parents – three a month

Non-parents – four a month


Parents – Twice a week

Non-parents – Twice a week


Parents – Once a month

Non-parents – Twice a month


Parents – Once a month

Non-parents – Twice a month


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