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Why The Government Are Really Stopping You Using Mind Bending Drugs With Positive Health Benefits

The ‘War on Drugs’ has only worsened the issue...Could further education and less taboo help?

NUMEROUS studies undertaken by scientists have proven the effectiveness of hallucinogens and psychedelics in treating mental health problems, and in the past few years attention is again turning to how these substances can be used to benefit people without the fear and suspicion with which alternative medicine is often associated.

The use of psychedelics historically stretches back as far as five thousand years, and it is only recently that western scientists have really begun to explore their medicinal uses.

 LSD was used in the 1950s to treat various conditions including alcoholism, schizophrenia and personality disorders. It eventually became more widespread and encouraged active opposition to the Vietnam war, invigorated youth culture and taught a generation to question the laws, rules and societal norms by which they lived.

Of course governments became savvy to this during the hippy-years and, ignoring the massive benefits, it was made an illegal substance in 1967.Sunbeams shining through a stormy grey sky

DMT and Ayahuasca have been used in tribal ceremonies for centuries as a tool for healing and still are to this day, with almost no trace of negative mental or cultural impact.

So why would those in power wish to keep people from using psychedelics? Because freedom of the mind and subsequent  opposition to authority means less cooperation from the masses, and the potential for rebellion.

The psychedelic experience itself is also subjective, and that’s where much of the taboo lies.

A person’s experience will be largely dependent on their state of mind, and when fear of the unknown kicks in it is a breeding ground for ‘bad trips’. This is why there is a significant need for education, controlled environments and study on the nature of how these substances affect the brain.

The massive increase in mental activity upon ingesting psychedelics can be overwhelming and even terrifying to some. However, under the correct circumstances, they allow people to expand their consciousness, increase their awareness of themselves and the world around them, and enable the brain to operate on a much deeper level.

Many describe this as a deep state of mindful meditation, where the mind is able to explore and perceive on a multitude of levels as opposed to just one, or even several.

Many influential people claim to have had life-changing experiences after using LSD, including Jack Nicholson, Shia Labeouf and Steve Jobs. Nobel Prize-winner Kary Mullis, who revolutionized biomedical research when he discovered how to make millions of identical copies of one single segment of DNA, said he “seriously doubted” he would have invented the technique without using LSD.

In 2013, a study was conducted which reviewed the potential of psilocybin (the naturally occurring active component of many mushrooms) in alleviating psychological distress in cancer patients.

Human eye looking straight with blue iris

Dr. Anthony Bossis observed that peak consciousness states achieved in patients who benefited from psilocybin clinical research ‘reported less anxiety, improved quality of life, enhanced psychological and spiritual well-being, and a greater acceptance of the life-changes brought on by cancer.’

In another recent study using information gathered from 130,000 people, scientists discovered there is no link between psychedelics and developing mental illness. In fact, it showed a significant association between the use of psychedelic drugs and fewer mental health problems.

Classic psychedelics have also been shown to reduce psychological distress and suicidal behaviours over the long term, promote positive processing of emotions and even cure smoking addiction in 80% of people studied. (See links below)

Of course, there are risks associated with any form of medicine.

Blue Abstract for Image BackgroundsSome scientists have suggested that micro-dosing may be a viable and safe way of benefiting from psychedelics, where smaller, regular doses are ingested.A safe, controlled environment and assistance is also necessary for any altered state of mind.

Governments are unlikely to support a revival of the 60s in terms of psychedelic usage, but there is no doubt that these medicines deserve a lot more research and attention.

Typical pharmaceutical medications now kill more people in Britain than heroin and cocaine, and oftentimes these deaths are due to negative side effects, addiction and withdrawal.

Our leaders’ reluctance to explore further options is evident in the refusal to acknowledge the numerous cases where cannabis oil has been proven to cure cancer cells, instead advocating dangerous and painful chemotherapy practices which are ineffective approximately 97% of the time.

 It may seem very ‘conspiracy-theorist’ in nature, but the fact is that chemotherapy drugs are an incredibly profitable business. As are prescription medications. Potential cures and cheaper, long-term alternatives would mean huge financial losses for the pharmaceutical industry.

Illicit drug use is most certainly an issue, and in the absence of quality control new and strange forms of psychedelic drugs are being created all the time. By removing a person’s right to choose we also enable the opportunity for crime, misuse and intake of modified, unsafe substances. After all, our current strategies are not working and the ‘War on Drugs’ has in fact worsened the problem in the past forty years, with increased drug-use, drug-related violence and unintentional overdoses.

Could further education and less fear, judgement and taboo help? Tell us what you think…..


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