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Pet Owners ‘Happier, Fitter and Wealthier’ Than Counterparts

A survey of 1000 pet owners and 1000 non-pet owners was commissioned by the Blue Cross charity

PET owners are happier, earn more money and are fitter than people who don’t own a four-legged friend, a study has shown.

Households which own a dog or cat are also more likely to spend more family time together and have jobs they enjoy.

 In fact, ten per cent more pet owners agreed they were ‘definitely’ truly happy in their current job roles.

pet-1543980 Researchers found pet owners are happier in general, and were also found to be fitter as they complete at least two hours more exercise a week than those who don’t have any pets.

The survey of 1000 dog and cat owners and 1,000 non pet owners was commissioned by Blue Cross pet charity to celebrate the Blue Cross Medal, awarded to hero pets that have done something amazing to change or even save a life.

 Alyson Jones, Blue Cross Head of Rehoming, said: “We’ve always known what a wonderful additions pets can be to our lives, but it’s great to see how their positive impact goes can affect so many areas – bringing families closer together and helping us to stay fit and healthy.

“This research suggests that a family pet not only reflects positively on our lives in general, but can possibly even rub off on our careers too!”

“The Blue Cross Medal celebrates pets that have done something truly amazing but this research shows that even day to day, pets can have hugely positive impact on our lives.

“Pets like cats and dogs can bring a family together and give them more opportunities to spend quality time together.

 “Going out for walks with the dog can increase fitness levels and time spent in the great outdoors.”

child-and-pet-1241465 The study showed pet owners are more likely to work full time hours and they’ll earn £3,000 more a year as a household than those without pets.

They’ll also be responsible for more people in the work place, managing an average of five people while those without pets will only manage two colleagues.

It was revealed more non pet owners are out of work than those with a four legged friend – four in ten without a pet are currently unemployed.

Despite this, 47 per cent of those without pets are educated to degree level or higher while three in ten pet owners have only got as far as their A Levels.

 Perhaps surprisingly, pet owners have an average of £323.67 disposable income each month while non pet owners only have £306.67.

But this comes after the £70.27 weekly shop for pet owners and £56.93 for non-pet owners, which may not come as a surprise considering the extra mouths to feed.


The research also found 13 per cent more non-pet owners are without their own family too.

 If you own a dog or cat, you tend to spend more time outdoors in a typical week – usually about nine hours in total.

And Brits without pets will be looking at spending seven hours during a typical week in the fresh air.

Alyson added: “The Blue Cross Medal celebrates pets that have done something truly amazing but this research shows that even day to day, pets can have hugely positive impact on our lives.

“There are so many reasons to cherish our pets and difference they make to our lives, which is what the Blue Cross Medal celebrates.”

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